Requirements / Policies


  • Minimum of Grade 9/Senior 1 OR Mature Student
  • An interest in operating heavy equipment
  • A valid class 5 drivers license (or equivalent) is an asset
  • Good hand/eye and hand/foot coordination
  • Ability to follow instructions (verbal and hand signals)
  • MUST be fit for duty, refrain from alcohol/drug use while in the program
  • MUST show up everyday, on time, and complete the full course
  • MUST follow SWS policies such as No Tolerance, Fit for Duty, & Attendance Policy
  • Preference given to those who have worked in the industry before or currently

No Tolerance / Fit for Duty Policy:

SWS is committed to providing a safe and positive training experience to all Participants, Instructors and staff during any of our training programs.  Participant’s attitude and behavior play an important role to the success of this commitment. Participants shall be fit for duty and in a condition to carry out their assignments and responsibilities in a safe manner.

It is therefore a violation of company policy for Participants to be under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or unauthorized, prohibited, illegal or controlled substances at any time while on site OR during this training program.  The consumption, use, manufacturer, dispensation, sale, possession, distribution, promotion, provision, purchase, transportation, concealment, transfer or storage of unauthorized, prohibited, illegal or controlled substances and/or substance-related paraphernalia while onsite is prohibited.  

Harassment, violence or behavior resulting in damage to any of the facilities, equipment, instructors, staff, other students and other businesses shall not be tolerated.   Disruption to other class members will not be tolerated. And misbehavior and/or violence, harassment, poor demeanor towards instructors or other students will not be tolerated. This also applies to any hotel staff / facilities, restaurants, businesses where SWS is associated with. You are responsible for your behavior and are expected to act responsibly and professionally for the duration of this training program.   

You can and will be expelled from this program for disruptive behavior and/or if you are using drugs/alcohol during the program or within a timeframe that affects your ability to operate heavy equipment safely.

If a Participant is found under the influence at any time and/or their behavior is disruptive or damaging to the program, facilities, other Participants, SWS staff, instructors, or accommodations staff, they may be removed from the program at their expense with no program refund.

Attendance Policy:

We require you to attend classes every day of the training. This course is very fast paced and moves quickly. If you miss a day or two you will be behind. If you miss more than 1 day (10 hours) you may not pass the program.  You would still receive your theory certification, but you will not receive the full Heavy Equipment Operator Training Certification Program certificate. Please talk to a SWS representative if you have extenuating circumstances.   Attendance reports will be sent to your funding source (midterm & final reports).

It is your responsibility to make sure you are not late to class in the morning, and that you stay for your full shift. If you have an appt, please talk with the Lead Trainer to make arrangements. You WILL NOT pass this program if you are not committed to the hours/days of the full program course. Part of our job is to prepare you for the construction industry, we follow the same policies/procedures that you will experience once you gain employment.

Fee Refund Policy

There are no fee refunds for this program. Once we have booked your seat in the program, you are committed to take the full program. Partial refunds are not available. Our fee refund policy applies to the students who are not enrolled in our program under the PVI Act.

Please contact your SWS representative for further information.