How much does this HEO training program cost?

Please get in touch with us – we will answer all your questions!

Where is the training program?

Morden, MB and other locations pending demand.

How long is your program?

5-6 weeks long, 240 hours. 40 hours in class theory, 200 practical in seat time hours.

Do you offer regular intakes throughout the year?

YES! We offer this program throughout the year – get in touch with us for the next available intake dates.

Why should I take your training program?

Here are 10 reasons why!

Is there accommodations available? What about meals?

We have a few different hotel options that have given us special pricing for our students.  There is no full meal plan available.  There are plenty of restaurants around Morden/Winkler.  There are fridges and microwaves in every hotel room as well.  Make sure you are prepared to cover meals yourself.

How far is the site from the hotel?

About 15 minutes, you will need a vehicle. If you don’t have one, it is your responsibility to figure out how to get to site and make ride share arrangements.

What should I bring?

Watch for your confirmation package in your email, we include a packing list.

Where can I get funding?

Here is some information about funding.

Is this training program recognized in MB and inter-provincially?

YES! We are a PVI (Private Vocational Institute) in MB, and this program is registered with MB Economic Development and Training. We are what the Federal Government calls a DEI – Designated Educational Institute. We have students who work all over Canada, and some even in the United States. Really, the place where you want to work is who has to “recognize” your certifications, and we have a good reputation with Employers!

Do you issue T2202 Tax Receipts?

YES! Watch your mail for them before the end of February in the year following your training program.

How do I apply?

Fill out the form on this page.

What are the entry requirements?

Grade 9/Senior 1 OR Mature Student, an interest in operating heavy equipment, good hand/eye and hand/foot coordination, ability to communicate and understand English language, ability to follow instructions (both verbal and hand signals), must follow SWS policies, must show up every day on time, and complete the full course, class 5 driver’s license is an asset.

Am I guaranteed a job after taking this training program?

NO!  We cannot guarantee you a job, that would be unethical and impossible for us to do.  BUT we can guarantee that we have many connections to the industry and employers.  We will do our best to help make connections if you are having troubles.  ALSO, finding a job (and keeping it) depends a lot on YOU – how much effort you put in, your attitude, character, skills and work ethic, etc.  Our students have a 80-85% hire rate after taking our program.  Employers recognize that our training program is valuable and gives them a headstart into the industry.

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