Heavy Equipment Operator Training Certification Program

Whether you’re an experienced operator looking to refine your skills, or if you’re brand new to the field your timing is perfect. The construction, forestry, civil, mining, oil and gas industries are experiencing a heavy demand for equipment operators.

Get a job and keep it!

This program is geared towards hands on, must know industry specific knowledge. We ensure you’ll know more then expected and wanting to get more seat time after this training! How do we know this? Because our trainers are industry experts, the best in what they do. They have years of experience operating heavy equipment, hiring and training operators, and project management.

We focus a lot on preventative maintenance – because a good operator should know how to troubleshoot small issues, especially in northern areas where lack of resources is a continual issue. This program teaches your staff practical knowledge on how to complete pre-checks, fix minor maintenance issues, properly inspect and troubleshoot equipment, and how to operate safely and efficiently with production in mind.

We train on: Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Excavators, Haul Trucks, Graders and Skid Steers.

This course is 5-6 weeks long, 240 hours, on REAL heavy equipment. There are 40 theory hours and 200+ practical hours – the most in any comparable course, because we believe that people learn best with hands on training not just classroom. There are no simulators in the training program. Skidsteer training is included (pending availability).

We offer regular intakes between April and November, and we also bring this program to remote northern communities, employers, and organizations in MB, SK, ON and the Yukon. Our training is conducted on a real live job site with real job site experiences. We do NOT do parking lot training. We train you with the specific industry knowledge that your employer will require of you. How do we know this? Because our company is founded on our slogan: Training FOR industry, FROM industry. We come directly from the industry and we stay closely connected.

We have accommodations available for our students at a few different local hotels, please contact us for options. Transportation to and from the training site every day is the responsibility of the student (about a 15 min drive from the hotel).

Next step is to fill out an application if you are interested. We are a PVI in MB, which means the program and instructors are approved by MB Economic & Development, and this training is recognized in industry.

Hope to meet you soon.  COME TRAIN WITH US!

See What Others are Saying

Shelly is a knowledgeable and passionate trainer. Our company had some work out of province that required specific jurisdictional training. The training was very hard to come by and we were at our wits end trying to find someone to train and evaluate our workers. Shelly had done a COR audit for me a few years ago and when it was suggested to me she could provide the specific training we needed I said “Great! Our experience with Shelly last time was very good. “ She did not disappoint. The training material was top shelf and her style makes it easy for our workers to understand. She traveled, sometimes on short notice, many hours to our out of province sites to evaluate and deliver more training as our workforce grew. Because she grew up in the heavy construction industry the workers can see she knows what she is talking about because she has done it. We could not have gotten the job done without the quality training Shelly provided. We would definitely use Shelly again.

Mike Burtnick - Maple Leaf Construction Ltd.

The Heavy Equipment Operator Training course was very interesting for all the trainees.  Almost all the 12 trainees are now employed in the community within the O & M or Winter Roads department.  The few that are not employed have had opportunity for work outside of the community.  The training was very applicable and hands on, they learnt a lot.  We have requested another HEO training session as there are now more people within the community who would like this opportunity from talking to the others.  I would recommend this training to all of the Northern communities – it opens up doors for our people, is cost effective and the best part is the training happens within our community so its more hands on and highly successful.

Kim C. - T & E Coordinator, Sayisi Dene First Nation

We used Safety with Shelly – CONSULTING SERVICES Ltd. in the fall of 2016 to train 12 community members in Heavy Equipment Operator Training.  The trainees learnt a lot, and the training was high quality.  They now know how to operate and are not afraid of the big machines.  We just need to tell them what to do and they can go and do it.  This program focuses a lot on how to properly check and maintain your equipment – this is the main thing!  This equipment pays your wage and if its sitting you are not working and making money.  Thank you to the band for funding this – we now have knowledgeable, competent and trained operators within our community and we do not need to look elsewhere for workers.  This helps keep our community sustainable and proactive.  Great job trainers!

Philip M. - Councillor, War Lake First Nation

Thank you very much ????  I came into this training program knowing very little about the machines.  I’ve been working on a construction project and the information taught made a lot more sense and I can relate it back to my worksite.  I have confidence now, knowing I can go onto a worksite and use the knowledge that I’ve gained.  Really enjoyed the course!

Audrey O. - HEO Program Graduate

I recently took the Heavy Equipment Operator Training Certification Program with Shelly, Craig and Kenton.  I loved the course!  The content was excellent, informative, and interesting.  I really enjoyed learning how to run the machines.  The instructors were very informative and experienced!

Matthew L. - HEO Program Graduate

I recently finished taking Heavy Equipment Operator Training with Safety with Shelly – CONSULTING SERVICES Ltd.  I have taken this training before with another firm and didn’t get all the information I needed.  This training was more interesting and gave me more information.  I really enjoyed it!

Peter C. - HEO Program Graduate

Very interesting and valuable training information. I enjoyed the machines and learned a lot more than I expected. Overall, this program and trainers are excellent. Thank you for the opportunity and for bringing this program to our community!

Jennifer C. - HEO Program Graduate

The program and trainers were very professional and the instructor was excellent. Course content was clear and concise. I really enjoyed this course very much.  Shelly’s presentations were very good and Craig/Kenton were excellent trainers. Thank you guys!

Sheila T. - HEO Program Graduate

This program is an eye opener and teaches you to think ahead. Safety first is essential when it comes to operating heavy equipment. This gave me more hours and taught me better operating techniques. I’m glad i got more hands on experience on all heavy equipment!

Nadine B. - HEO Program Graduate

Overall this training program is the best start for my future career. I have learned how to operate safely and it taught me well. I would like to thank Craig & Kenton for allowing me to achieve my goals as the operator. Without them I would not have learned how to operate heavy equipment. You guys are the best trainers that have ever taught!  Masi chok nacha. Thank you very much.

James J. - HEO Program Graduate

Best training course I ever took! Good trainers, good communication. Looking forward to start a job in this career now. Thank you Shelly, Kenton & Craig.  Good job! Thanks.

Darryl K. - HEO Program Graduate

I liked this course very much, way better then the simulator training I took for two months.  This course is good, better communication and you actually get hands on experience on the heavy equipment. I learned how to cut and operate. I am looking forward to starting a job somewhere now as a Heavy Equipment Operator.

Matthew J. - HEO Program Graduate

Good job! So proud of the trainees. When they completed the HEO training session they were walking with their heads held high and proud.  You got some positive remarks, thank you so much. We will definitely be looking at more training in the future – they learnt so much and we got a nice project done in the community. Win win!

Elsie M. - E & T Coordinator, GHFN

Thank you to Safety with Shelly – CONSULTING SERVICES Ltd. for an awesome training session! I seen first hand how much the guys learnt on the heavy equipment. Some had never operated before and the skills they learnt in this short time was surprising. But even more surprising was the skills and knowledge that the more experienced operators learnt, the trainers have so much knowledge and experiences to share. We were able to build a road to our cemetery during this training which was a huge blessing to our community. Great job SwS, we look forward to more training in the future!

Charlie D. - E & T Coordinator, HLB

I really liked taking this training program. I’ve been running equipment for over 25 years but nowadays if I ask for a job in the mine sites they ask for this training to be completed first. I really enjoyed this course, it helps me find employment and work safe. I learnt lots of new things that I didn’t know, thank you to the trainers!

John M. - HEO Program Graduate

I liked how they taught us about controlling the machines. I learned how to control and operate the machines and how to safely drive. The training course was really fun and informative. We got to move snow around the community and work on the roads. I am going to be looking for a job in this field as soon as I receive my certificate!

John D - HEO Program Graduate

I liked the loader the most. The instructors were awesome!! I’ve learned a lot in this training course, more than I thought I would have. I have not been in a training program before like this one, I would recommend anyone interested in this field to take it. I had a really good time with these guys, the instructors were great!

Jimmy D - HEO Program Graduate

We recently finished a Heavy Equipment Operator Training session with SwSCSLtd. The trainees learnt a lot and are all eager to apply for jobs in the local mining and construction industry. The training was very professional and the trainers knew a lot about heavy equipment. They worked very well with our people. This is our second HEOT session and most of the previous trainees have found jobs.  We look forward to having these trainers back for level 2 HEOT!

Robyn J - T & E Coordinator

The best training ever, I learned a lot of new tips and how to work each and every machine. But most of all we worked together as a team and made friends. I’ve always wanted to change career paths and I’m glad I signed up for this training. Best trainers!!

Delphine T - HEO Program Graduate

I really enjoyed the hands on aspect of training with all the practical hours and one week of theory because I feel you learn better hands on then sitting in class. I come away from this course a confident operator thanks to the very knowledgeable trainers. I enjoyed every minute and have no dislikes whatsoever!!

Edwin B - HEO Program Graduate

I enjoyed the program very much. Learning machines I’ve never run before was an excellent experience. I felt the training was spot on and I wish I could stay longer to better learn my understanding of job-sites and tasks. I would recommend this class to anyone seeking a change in their life and wanna do something as cool as I got the opportunity to do! Thank you very much.

Side note – I got hired shortly after I completed my training and got the chance to work alongside some other trainees that took a different program. I had so much more seat time and knowledge then they did, and I lasted on the job and they didn’t. I am truly grateful that I gave this course a try because these trainers know what the industry is looking for and set you up to succeed on a job-site!

Zak S - HEO Program Graduate

The content of materials, videos stressed safety, safety, safety while operating the various machines. I liked all the content and learned so much and gained so much confidence and can easily look at others to learn from and ask questions. I have never taken a course like this before but heard of others, but I say this program provides so much more and I will gladly refer future students. The hands on operating is so much confidence building. The instructors are AMAZING, knowledgeable and patient with us. I loved this training course and will miss everyone. We came in as strangers with a passion to learn and left life long friends.

Malcolm C - HEO Program Graduate

Overall I enjoyed the whole course. I am an experienced operator and I still learned tips and tricks from the trainers. These trainers are very experienced in industry and pass on that knowledge to us. I highly recommend this training course and I definitely enjoyed it!

Pat C - HEO Program Graduate

I really liked everything about this course. There was nothing I didn’t enjoy or like. I have taken a course like this before with a different training provider and this one is a lot better! I have no recommendations to improve the course, the trainers are excellent and know so much about heavy equipment. I had a lot of fun!

Chris H - HEO Program Graduate

I loved this course. I learned a lot of new things, and I am an experienced operator! Everything was awesome. I had fun and made friends and that was the best part. I would recommend anyone to take this training course. Thank you!

Harley G - HEO Program Graduate

I really liked this training program and to see different faces on the machines. Our training was when it was colder outside so we had some issues with the equipment and the trainers knew exactly what to do and how to get everything running. I learned specific maintenance things like how to fill the gear oil up on the loader and many more valuable things, this is an important part of training especially in the North. All went well and I have no recommendations to improve. I had lots of fun with the trainees!

Cameron M - HEO Program Graduate

I liked the whole course it was very informing. I learned and gained a lot of experience. There is nothing I didn’t like, it was all useful to me.  I learned how to pre-check machines, and also more about toolbox talks and FLRA’s. I now know more about whats needed in the COR Safety Program as well. I was taught how to operate and control the machines in a safe way.  I have not taken a course like this before but I recommend all operators to take it – experienced or non experienced! Everyone in our class learnt so much. I had fun, and the course was very relevant and useful.

Simon T - HEO Program Graduate

This won’t be the last training that we have, we will utilize your company for other trainings when we can. Thank you to SwSCSLtd. This is a great training program, we are proud for our people to have taken it! We now have more trained operators and will hire a few graduates of this program for our winter road contract. These guys worked in the elements and persevered in not the best weather. The best part is that we got some small projects in the community worked on while doing this training, its a win win. I am proud of the trainees and very thankful to Shelly and Craig for bringing this program to our community!

Chief Eric R - HEO Program

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