Funding / Payment Options

We recognize that it’s hard to come up with the money to take this type of a program. No doubt, it is expensive due to the cost of the heavy equipment, fuel, etc. We’ve come up with a list of funding options for you below. Please get in touch if you require more info.

Payment Options:

Line of Credit

Contact your bank to find out what options they have. This program does not qualify for Student Loans due to the length of the program


Registered Retirement Savings Plan: did you know that you can pay for your tuition with your RRSP? Get more info here.


Registered Education Savings Plan. Get more info here.

MB Job Skills Training Funding

contact your local Employment MB office, your case worker or click here.

Canada Manitoba Job Grant Funding

Get more info here.

ISET Program Funding

Are you indigenous, but Non-Status? Contact us for more info.

Band / Tribal Council Funding

contact your bands Employment & Training department. More info on Indigenous Service Delivery Organizations.


Get more info here.

How to pay for your training?

You can pay for your training in the following ways, or a combination of any options below:

First Nations, Aboriginal, Metis, Non-Status

Get in touch with your Employment & Training department of your band or apply for funding via the options above.


  • MB Job Skills Training
  • Canada Manitoba Job Grant
  • Local Employment MB Office

Private / Self Pay

  • Email money transfer (e-transfer)
  • Certified cheque / bank draft
  • Employer sponsored training
  • Payment plan with SWS – contact us for more details

We are what CRA calls a DEI – Designated Educational Institute, which means we issue Federal T2202 Tuition Tax Receipts for income tax purposes.

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