On Site Safety

The construction sector represents a significant percentage of the work force across Canada; driving change, growth and innovation. Safe work practices play an important part in reducing injury and other incidents, and keep your the industry advancing.

Ensure every work site is a safe one!

Our onsite safety training is designed to create safe processes for employees to reduce risk and guarantee workplace compliance. The presence of trained safety personnel can be critical to maintaining a project’s smooth operation within the bounds of security.

We’ll work with you to match the right safety professional to meet your company’s or projects’ needs. Our team includes individuals with a wide variety of certifications, training abilities, project management, supervisory and practical experience in construction safety. They’re experienced, high quality construction safety professionals, and are trained for short or long-term assignments.

Our onsite construction safety consultants have expertise with a broad range of projects to insure success and prevent accidents and increase efficiency, while maintaining safe work parameters.

We offer customized training, safety management, inspection & toolbox safety meeting services, program development and implementation, because your team is as important to us as it is to you. Let us be part of your company’s success by building a standard of safety.

Our goal is to provide each construction site with the qualified and certified construction project safety managers needed – regardless of the job.


An effective audit can make all the difference for your company’s safety.

Our company and Workplace audits are conducted for the purpose of health, safety, and hazard identification. This allows us to identify gaps and missing items or elements, and remedy these situations before a formal assessment. We document and chart the course for compliance with all applicable legislation, increase job satisfaction and ultimately make your company more competitive.

These yearly internal audits position your company for compliance from certifying partners every 3 years, and keep your staff working safe. They ensure that you company is dedicated to the safe work of your team, and your commitment to:

  • Recognize and remove hazards
  • Ensure employees are filling effective safety procedures
  • Ensure facilities, equipment and operations meet safe standards
  • Reinforce established protocols and procedures
  • Assure the necessary records are kept

We used Safety with Shelly – CONSULTING SERVICES Ltd. in the fall of 2016 to train 12 community members in Heavy Equipment Operator Training.  The trainees learnt a lot, and the training was high quality.  They now know how to operate and are not afraid of the big machines.  We just need to tell them what to do and they can go and do it.  This program focuses a lot on how to properly check and maintain your equipment – this is the main thing!  This equipment pays your wage and if its sitting you are not working and making money.  Thank you to the band for funding this – we now have knowledgeable, competent and trained operators within our community and we do not need to look elsewhere for workers.  This helps keep our community sustainable and proactive.  Great job trainers!

Philip M. - Councillor, War Lake First Nation

I am the Safety Coordinator for Al Meisner Ltd.  We started our company in the mid 1950’s and the industry has changed drastically since then.  When I started working with our family business 13 years ago I didn’t expect to be taking on a safety role and to be honest I had no idea where to start.  That is where Safety with Shelly – CONSULTING SERVICES Ltd. came in.  Over the years she has helped us tremendously.  She has guided not only me but our whole company with her expertise.  We now have the knowledge we need to keep up with our COR Safety Program and the aspects that can change from time to time.  From helping us start our safety manual to an organized filing system that I can use to keep all my files separate and in proper order, Shelly has been there each step of the way.  Thank you Shelly for the guidance you have provided us and continue to provide for us at Al Meisner Ltd.!

Meegan Meisner - Al Meisner Ltd.

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