Who We Are

SWS Training & Consulting Inc. is an established training and consulting firm, specializing in Heavy Equipment Operator Training, located in Southern MB. SWS was formed in 2004 as Safety with Shelly – CONSULTING SERVICES Ltd. The company went through a name change to streamline what we focus on: Training! We are now SWS Training & Consulting Inc.

We are what CRA designates as a DEI (Designated Educational Institute), which allows us to issue the T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificates (tax receipts) to students for the tuition portion of their training costs. This means that we are an accredited training facility as recognized by the federal government of Canada.

SWS is designated as a Private Vocational Institute (PVI) through Manitoba Economic Development and Training. Our program is accredited, current, relevant and recognized within industry – not only in MB but inter-provincially as well. Our instructors are registered and accredited. We are firm believers that your training program is only as good as your instructors teaching it. We stay connected to the heavy/civil construction industry for this reason. Our program focuses on what companies in this industry are looking for in their employees, thus allowing them to not only gain employment but to STAY employed. We proudly stand behind our slogan: Training FOR industry, FROM industry. Our program is second to none.

We regularly offer open intakes to our Heavy Equipment Operator Training Certification Program, and we also bring this training program to remote northern communities, employers, projects, etc in MB, SK, and ON. You can come to us, or we can come to you.

SWS is a member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (CSSE), Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA), the Heavy Equipment & Aggregate Truckers Association of Manitoba Inc. (HEAT) and is very involved in the Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC).  SWS is an approved training company with Workplace Safety and Health, the City of Winnipeg and is also an approved training partner with the Canadian Red Cross.

SWS carries $5M in Errors and Omissions and $5M Commercial General Liability Insurance. You can feel confident that we are a professional company, who cares about doing the right thing for the right reasons!

Our Trainers



Shelly started her career in the Heavy/Civil Construction Industry almost 30 years ago. Her father was a Civil Superintendent for a heavy construction company, thus Shelly started working in the industry at a young age. She started from the ground up – laboring, flagging, operating heavy equipment, administrating/managing small projects, and working in the health and safety field.

Shelly worked for a few different companies then started her own firm in 2004 geared towards heavy/civil clients to provide applicable, honest and reliable consulting services. Over the years it has grown and changed to meet industry demands, now focusing on our HEO program, equipment training and safety training.

Being able to have the “from the ground up experience” has enabled Shelly to fully understand the industry’s training and safety program needs from a broader perspective. It’s never a simple answer and often requires lots of planning within complex situations.

Shelly is a Mom to 3 beautiful daughters, a wife to a supportive and hardworking husband and plays an active role in the community.  She volunteers in her daughter’s schools, on field trips and in whatever community activities she can.  Shelly has a passion to help people – and nothing is more important to her then her faith, family and friends. Shelly is a HUGE fan of travelling and creating memories with her family. Adventures and anything outdoors are on the top of her To-Do list. She also loves cooking, baking and laughter!

A piece of advice (from her father) that has helped Shelly overcome many obstacles and challenges in this ever changing, diverse, tough but rewarding industry, is this: “If someone else can do it, so can you”. Some words of advice from Shelly: “Always be respectful, keep your integrity. Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom. In fact, look for an entry level job to get your foot in the door. Then don’t stop. Keep moving and keep growing!”


Owner/Lead Trainer

Craig has worked in this industry since 1996, starting from the ground up. He has a huge passion for operating machines and running projects! Craig will never forget the call that got him into the Heavy Construction field – he was 14, it was summer holidays, and he was still in bed. A local family-owned construction company called him and asked him if he wanted to work. YES! He got on his bicycle and rode a few miles down the road and to work he went, on a D6 Dozer pulling a packer. This is what 14-year-old boys dream of!! Gone are the days of just jumping on any machine as a youth. Welcome to the days of valuable knowledge and training mixed with experience.

Craig spent the next several years working Heavy Construction on his summer breaks and then went into the field full time when he was done high school. He has operated skid steers, pavers, trimmers, packers, motor scrapers, loaders, rock trucks, dozers, excavators, backhoe’s and graders. His favorite would have to be the grader. He has worked for many heavy/civil construction companies, oil and gas, mining and road building companies all over Canada.

Craig became a Foreman at the young age of 25. Not long after that, he was promoted to Superintendent and has spent many years running large and small projects throughout MB, ON and SK. Craig has hired and trained 100’s of Heavy Equipment Operators over the years and has worked on many diverse projects. He knows what the industry is looking for and what employers expect of their operators. Having this background is what led him to what he focuses on today – Lead Trainer for SWS. Craig brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, and students benefit from his contacts within the industry. He not only knows how to operate heavy equipment, but he focuses the practical side of training on how to maintain the equipment, how jobsites run, what the expectations are, industry best practices/etiquette and production tips. He is passionate about working hard and encourages starting at an entry level position and working your way up.

Craig is forever grateful for that call on summer break when he was 14, introducing him to an industry that he loves and has so much respect for. “This industry can be challenging, but the rewards far outweigh any negatives. It’s given me a way to support my family and enjoy what I do. I’m not a sit at the desk all day kind of guy, I need to move and be challenged, work with my hands. There isn’t any better career then operating heavy equipment. You are literally shaping the earth, one project at a time.”

He had some great mentors that guided him to where he is today and can’t thank them enough!

Craig enjoys anything outside in his off time – quadding, fishing, snowmobiling, camping etc. He has 3 daughters that keep him on his toes and is happily married to his best friend and soul mate.

SWS employs other part time trainers, all connected closely to industry. These trainers are all registered with MB Economic Development and Training and are industry leaders in operating, safety, project management and production.



Randy has worked in the Heavy Construction industry for over 40 years. He started as a labourer then moved onto operating heavy equipment and then as a Foreman. He started his own company, Randy Harder Backhoe Service in 2000. Randy is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to excavating, trenching, and operating heavy equipment.

Randy is a contract trainer and he trains with us in-between his other contract jobs. He loves the opportunity to meet different people and share knowledge of the industry.

If you don’t see Randy at work, he will be either riding his harley, quad or doing something with his family which he loves very much.



Scott has worked in the Heavy Construction industry since 2007. He has a wealth of knowledge of winter/ice roads and working in remote northern communities. Scott can operate any piece of equipment and has a strong mechanical background.  His fav machine is the backhoe!

Scott is a natural people person and teaching is one of his strengths. He has worked with SWS since 2021 and has many years in the industry. Scott knows how to transfer knowledge and finds ways for students to understand if they are having trouble.

He loves being outside and in his time off you’ll find him with his friends or family and always willing to offer a helping hand.



Lyndon has been in the Heavy Construction Industry since 2005.  He has worked all over Canada on various jobs and in different industry’s such as Oil & Gas, Farming and Heavy/Civil.  Lots of experience working out West.

Lyndon’s very knowledgeable in mechanics as well as operating.  His fav machines to operate are the Dozer and Excavator.

Lyndon started with SWS in 2023 and has been an awesome fit.  He enjoys teaching people and the variety of tasks from day to day.  He has lots of tips and tricks for students!

In Lyndon’s time off you’ll find him fishing or touring around on his side by side with friends.



Matt has been in the heavy/civil industry since 2008.  He hasn’t ever done anything else, and loves everything about Heavy Construction!  He’s worked with some of the largest contractors in MB as well as some of the smallest.  He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to operating, setting up jobsites, which machine for which job, etc.

Matt, like all of us, started at the bottom – labouring then moved into operating.  His fav machines to operate now are the Grader and Dozer.  Matt’s new to SWS in 2024, and is a great addition!

When Matt isn’t working, you’ll find him doing something outside with his family and friends.

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